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5509 College Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94618
United States


GoldenBug Children's Shoes is the kids shoe store that the Bay Area has been looking for. Kid-centric in every way! We carry high quality shoes that properly fit a child's growing feet. Some of our favorite brands are Tsukihoshi, Plae, Stride Rite, Chooze, and Livie and Luca. We are a parent-owned, independent, small business and we love Oakland!

Our Story

Fitting children's shoes to serve Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Our Story

Children's shoes in Rockridge- Oakland, CA

Remember When You Were a Kid?

You went to the shoe store to pick out new shoes. You put your foot on that cool metal foot-measurer, you rested your foot on the sales person's knee, they cinched up your laces and then you ran around the store to see how they felt. You wiggled around in front of the mirror and caught a glimpse of yourself in new shoes. Pretty cool. 

Yep, we remember.

We are bringing back the experience, the knowledge, the brick-and-mortar.
We are bringing back the actual shoe store. 

Finding the Right Fit.

It's important- ya know? Getting the right fit for growing feet! Did you know that the bones in children's feet are still malleable through age 20? We'll help you find shoes that fit well with room for growth. The brands we love pay special attention to creating shoes that are good for feet. They have podiatrists on staff that counsel the designers in keeping a roomy toe-box for those growin' toes, appropriate flex in the right places, and all the little details we care about. It turns out, if toes get squished, it hinders proper development. 

We want to love our kiddos from the ground up. We carry sizes 3-Y4, for babies, toddlers, and big kids. Come on in. We'll measure your feet and fix you up with some new kicks.


Made for the Whole Family

Oh! and how about a play area for siblings?
We're parents too, ya know. Our littlest will happily climb up and jump off of anything she can scale. We know why it can be hard to take kids out shopping. One kid runs for the elevator while the other dances with the mannequins. We get it! We have a play area full of enticing things for kids to play with so parents can focus!